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Made at Stout logoHow to get the Made at UW-Stout mark

Using the mark is an easy two-step process. Besides being free to the UW-Stout family, here is what you need to know to gain access to the Made at UW-Stout mark: 

Step One: Meet the Standards

The Made at UW-Stout mark is designated only for use to identify creative ideas, designs, processes, innovations, and products that are owned and created:

  • by UW-Stout students, staff, faculty and/or alums AND
  • when the proof of concept phase has been achieved at UW-Stout

Step Two: Meet the UW-Stout Identity Guidelines

The determination as to whether or not an item qualifies for use of the mark will be determined by the Made at Stout Review Board.

Protect Your Idea

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Made at Stout

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UW-Stout's commitment to health and safety this fall includes something out of the ordinary, a narrow, molded plastic tool.

Made at UW-Stout door puller designed by student

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