SGX.23 Sophomore Games

Check it out exciting games created by Game Design and Development 200 (GDD) students.
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There was once two worlds, equal but opposite of each other. Now, they have lost balance. Control two heroes, Chiaro the being of light, and Scuro the being of dark, at the same time in this 2D puzzle platforming adventure. Help these heroes find their ways home, and save the light and dark worlds!

Team Members: Carter Bontje, Luke Gifford, Rowan Have, Dyani Larson, Emma Mandera, Trisha  Yang

Instructor: Tyler W Thomas

divine d listers

Divine D-Listers

The Gods have had it too good for too long! Command your team of obscure gods from three different pantheons as you set out on a quest to take down the major players in the world of mythology. Fight legendary beasts, earn riches, and become the new gods of your respective pantheons.

Team Members: Zach Adler, Rebecca Durst, Jayden Marx, Ben Moon, Austin Pico, Jonathan Wolfe, Gabe Wysocki

Instructor: Tyler W Thomas

dog gone

Dog Gone

Separated from home, a dog journeys to find his way back. With no lay of the land, environments seem to constantly shift, but nevertheless the dog is determined to press on. Fend off against the creatures inhabiting the land and acquire magical abilities to survive and make it home safe!

Team Members: Kayla Lemke, Cat Merila, Rowan Peters, Aaron Polum, Wyatt Treinen, Austin Wedeking

Instructor: Tyler W Thomas

everything must grow

Everything Must Grow

Everything Must Grow is a farming simulator where all items you can obtain can be grown. The player will be able to purchase items from an NPC named Trusty Dan that will be able to be planted later. The player will also be able to sell items in order to purchase higher grade items.

Team Members: Matthew Becker, Matthew Bohm, Josh Gibson, Madison Melland, Josh Pederson, Laura Supinski

Instructor: Tyler W Thomas

fairytale failure

Fairytale Failure

A hero is held to high expectations. Unfortunately, she has failed. Can she complete a quest to redeem herself and no longer be a fariytale failure?

Team Members: Walker Arand, Madeline Dudley,Nathan Gosswiller,Cody Jantzen,Nick Maier,Charlie Mueller

Instructor: Tyler W Thomas

nightmare at meowseum

Nightmare at the Meowseum

Welcome to the Museum of Art and Stuff! You play as Clyde, an overworked cat man just trying to pay his bills. Your boss makes you stay late to fix some messed up art pieces, when some weird things start happening... But no matter what, you aren't allowed to leave until you finish all your tasks! So escape while you still can by restoring the exhibits and clock out of the museum alive!

Team Members: Eleanor Berg, Connor Born, Megan Ellis, Nick Mitrou, Eli Morgan, Andrew Rice, Isabel Smith

Instructor: Tyler W Thomas

pinky and poe

Pinky and Poe!

A wholesome action-adventure RPG filled with (deliciously evil) pie escapades! Play as the lovable two twins, Pinky and Poe, as they fight to save the land of WoodsenWool from the notorious P.U. Gang for most their nefarious plan yet- framing the twin's poor Granny for poisoning the land with her delicious pies! Work together with your twin as you venture off into the Freaky Forest to put an end to the P.U Gang and their plan once and for all!

Team Members: Jaden Bainbridge, Keolani Baumgart, Kris Deising, Steve Miscik, Ryan Thiede, Chong Vang

Instructor: Tyler W Thomas

the final star

The Final Star

The Final Star is an Isometric pixel game where you play as our nameless MC in a doomed world orbiting the universes final star. Puzzle around your environment to discover the secrets of this world as you progress and discover the end you want to make.

Team Members: Chase Anderson, Stephan Halverson, Rose Laux, Mattie Mihalko, Kayla Staples, Aly Xiong

Instructor: Tyler W Thomas