School of Art & Design Senior Show

Capstone projects by over 150 graduating seniors will be on display across a variety of websites.
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University of Wisconsin-Stout
Welcomes All to our Senior Exhibition Night*

On Friday, December 17, 2021, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. mostly graduating seniors will be displaying and exhibiting their art, designs, ideas, and glory throughout the Applied Arts building and Micheels Hall.

2019 SOAD Senior Show

On-Campus Exhibits

Studio Art

In Applied Arts Gallery 209 is the senior capstone art exhibition. This show is based on a wide variety of media within the Studio Art program from comics to sculpture to photography.

Industrial Design

In Applied Arts rooms 216 and 217, senior Industrial Design majors will be presenting their projects based on the Industrial Design capstone course.

Interior Design

In Applied Arts rooms 219 and 220, senior Interior Design majors will be presenting their projects based on the Interior Design capstone course.

Graphic Design and Interactive Media

In Applied Arts room 221E, senior GDIM majors will be presenting their projects based on the GDIM capstone course.

Animation (and some Comics students)

In Micheels Hall, in front of the Furlong Gallery, a few Animation and Comics students will have their capstone coursework available from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Additionally, more work can be seen online on Friday afternoon.

Furlong Gallery

Located in the atrium of the Micheels Hall, the Furlong Gallery is hosting an exhibition entitled, To Hold The Land. The last day of the exhibition is: December 18, 2021.

There will be art and design work displayed throughout the Applied Arts and Micheels Hall. There will also be art in Applied Arts rooms 121, 120A, 205.

Online Virtual Exhibits

All online virtual exhibits (including in-progress senior projects) will be launched on Friday afternoon. Click on the following images to view the virtual exhibits.

SGX Video Production
Animation and Comics


Industrial Design


Graphic Design


Studio Art


Off-Campus Guests

* If you are visiting from outside the Stout Committee, please know there are protocols for the pandemic that must be followed based on Stout’s, Return to Fall 2021 Plan.

  • All must wear a mask in any Stout building
  • Stay home if you do not feel well or are sick
  • Wash hands
  • Register Off-Campus Guests (this is for contract tracing)

If you need to register as an off-campus guest, please contact one of the following Program Directors below for the area you are most interested in. One only need register once, but registration is required. Additionally, if you want to register while on-campus, there will be someone taking information in front of the Furlong Gallery in Micheels Hall.

Program Directors