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Sharing a Vision of Success
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What we do in MSS

Find personal support – Connect with diverse, professional staff that encourage students to be their best selves.

Network with students of color – MSS is one of the few spaces on campus that Asian, Black, Native American and Latinx students are not a minority.

Relax and learn – Connect with others that value diversity and study in a comfortable space. Students often refer to MSS as a supportive community or a second family that can be the difference that makes a difference. MSS is a great place to explore intersections of cultural identities.

Prioritize academic success – Keep the main thing the main thing; the goal is to graduate. Utilize effective study skills while striving for a healthy balance between school, work, family, leadership and community involvement.

Invest wisely in self and education – Participate in financial literacy activities to manage money, explore work opportunities, interpret student account and learn more about scholarships, grants and loans.

Intercultural Development Capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities (Hammer, 2009)

MSS staff provides Intercultural Development:

  • Individualized
  • Small Group Discussions
  • Support Groups
  • Workshops
  • Conferences