M.S. Construction Management

Admissions to the M.S. Construction Management are currently suspended.
Degree Type Master of Science
Careers & Salaries Graduate Degree Outcomes
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UW-Stout’s Master of Science in Construction Management (MS CM) is a career-focused degree. Our program will help further your career if you have a construction-related degree and five or more years of experience. We’ve designed our curriculum to help you solve real-world problems in the construction industry. The standard tuition rate is for all students across the country. You can begin the program at any time of the year.

Note: Admission to the M.S. in Construction Management program has been suspended. While the program is not currently accepting applications, our college and industry partners encourage you to discover the natural alignment between your professional interest in construction and these related career-focused degree programs:


Program Overview

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The M.S. Construction Management program is an MBA alternative for construction professionals. The program will prepare you for upper-level construction management positions. Our industry-experienced faculty integrates applied learning, scientific theory, humanistic understanding, creativity, and research with a focus on:

  • Critical thinking and creativity in problem-solving and decision-making in construction
  • Effective and professional oral and written communications through the use of information and communication technology
  • Principles of leadership in business and management including advanced construction management practices, complex project decision making, and associated risk management
  • Professional ethics including application to construction situations and choices

These objectives are in alignment with the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) Master’s program learning outcome requirements.