B.S. Professional Communication and Emerging Media

Are you a writer, editor or social media enthusiast?
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Are you a writer, editor or social media junkie? A Bachelor of Science degree from UW-Stout in Professional Communication and Emerging Media (PCEM) offers a variety of career paths for people who are interested in creating and delivering content that is tailored to specific audiences.

Learn skills in digital storytelling, usability design and testing, social media, multimedia, website development, global communication, writing, editing and creating content. / UW-Stout


  • Applied Journalism: prepares you for the new age in journalism by exploring multimedia, interactivity and content repurposing.
  • Digital Humanities: skills you need to recognize trends in technology and understand how technology affects the way people communicate, interact and comprehend the world.

The core of our program includes courses in:

  • Document Design
  • Convergent Communication
  • Usability Design and Testing
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Writing for the Internet
  • Transnational Professional Communication
  • Foreign Language/Global Experience

Professional communication and emerging media is a rapidly growing profession. Development of new technologies has increased the demand for professionals who can clearly explain policies, products and services to clients and customers. UW-Stout’s program integrates communication theory with coursework in a chosen applied field.


Program Overview

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Examples of applied fields include biomedical engineering, packaging, international studies, quality management, telecommunications, tourism, training and development, art and design, and business and management. As a PCEM graduate, you will have the skills to research, visualize, design, develop and oversee publication of both print and electronic documents.

"I met some of the most important people in my life during my time on campus. UW-Stout has given me the opportunity to gain fantastic experience that I can put towards my career after graduation."

-- Kylie Frank
B.S. Professional Communications and Emerging Media

Copy editing and preparation, multimedia or hypertext writing, and critical, technical and freelance writing courses prepare you to write clearly for specific audiences. In addition, courses in an applied field of your choice supply the strong technical background crucial to communicating complex ideas to different audiences. Elective courses give you the chance to explore other areas, such as photography or creative writing. All students will participate in a co-op, internship or practicum during their career.

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Communication is everywhere. Whether you’re reading a website, texting your friends, speaking with your boss, sending an e-mail or writing a paper, you are engaged in communication. It is one of the most important skills you can develop in the Information Age – and it can be a great career track. Do you want to be on the cutting edge?

Program Objectives

Core Curriculum Objectives

  1. Correctly gauge audience concerns and attitudes
  2. Apply appropriate rhetorical principles
  3. Understand and apply concepts and strategies of global communication
  4. Understand interpersonal, organizational, and intercultural communication within discourse communities
  5. Understand and apply ethical concepts
  6. Apply visual communication strategies
  7. Apply information design strategies
  8. Apply research techniques
  9. Demonstrate use of audience-appropriate styles
  10. Use genres effectively
  11. Apply usability strategies
  12. Design and conduct usability tests, applying appropriate user research methodology
  13. Understand concepts of content management and use content management systems
  14. Gain experience with project management and collaborative work environments

Applied Journalism Concentration Objectives

  1. Write effectively for a variety of audiences within chosen industry fields
  2. Produce relevant, timely content in a production environment
  3. Understand mass communication concepts

Digital Humanities Concentration Objectives

  1. Plan, research, and write a major project in a humanities field using appropriate technology
  2. Articulate the social, cultural, and/or developmental impacts of technologically mediated communication
  3. Appreciate the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of the study of technology, and adapt to unique methodologies
  4. Deploy both theoretical reflections on and technical uses of digital media in interpretive inquiry
2020 PCEM Advisory Committee

2020 PCEM Advisory Committee

Paul Anheier User Experience (UX) Researcher Amazon.com, Inc.
Dave Beck Associate Dean CACHSS
Teena Carnegie Director Technical Communication Eastern Washington University
Brian Croxall Assistant Research Professor of DH Brigham Young University
Kevin Drzakowski Associate Dean CACHSS
Jay Edenborg Marketing Director McGough Construction Co., Inc.
Kate Edenborg Associate Professor UW-Stout, PCEM Program Faculty
Aaron Fultz Technical Communication Manager SRK Consulting
Matt Gundrum Freelance Writing Consultant  
Melissa Haeska Director of Operations and Grants Management National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota
Russ Hall Digital Coordinator Abbott
Rachel Hallgrimson Social Media & Video Coordinator UW–Stout, University Communications
Joleen Hanson Associate Professor UW-Stout, PCEM Program Faculty
Maria Jahn Technical Communications Manager Kohler Co.
Elizabeth  Kafka Lecturer UW-Stout, PCEM Program Faculty
Jerry Kapus Department Chair UW-Stout, English and Philosophy
Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch Professor and Chair University of Minnesota, Writing Studies
David Madden Digital Content Supervisor HealthPartners
Colin Marklowitz Digital Media Producer Kohler Co.
Amy Mittlestadt Public Affairs Manager Mayo Clinic Health System
Mitch Ogden Program Director UW-Stout, PCEM Program Faculty
Daisy Pignetti Associate Professor UW-Stout, PCEM Program Faculty
Alyssa  Quilling Program Associate UW-Stout, English and Philosophy
Patrick Ranfranz Director of Marketing Rice Lake Weighing Systems
Cody Reimer Assistant Professor UW-Stout, PCEM Program Faculty
Alison Saxton Technical Writer  
Gregory Schneider-Bateman Associate Professor UW-Stout, PCEM Program Faculty
John Spartz Associate Professor UW-Stout, PCEM Program Faculty
Emi Stuemke Assistant Professor UW-Stout, PCEM Program Faculty
Julie Watts Professor   UW-Stout, PCEM Program Faculty
Marya Wilson Assistant Professor UW-Stout, Operations and Management
Bob  Zeidel Dean CACHSS

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