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The Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center (NTLC) is a source for inspiration, resources, and friendly faces. We invite you to browse through the variety of programs we actively sponsor to support instructional development. We strive to provide educators with a guided structure that encourages the exploration of in-depth research and teaching and learning scholarly applications. Please visit us in the Robert S. Swanson Library Learning Center on the 2nd floor, Room 201, Teaching and Learning Hub. You're welcome to peruse our library of teaching and learning resources. We also offer meeting spaces for NTLC-related activities and discussions.

Mission Statement 

We will share and value teaching and learning by:

  • creating a climate where colleagues find satisfaction in teaching and learning, build confidence in the effectiveness of their teaching, and have opportunities to share their classroom and research practices
  • creating programs that nurture and support faculty development
  • facilitating the use of technology in teaching and learning

Vision Statement 

NTLC nourishes a campus culture of learning and teaching characterized by discovery, curiosity, innovation, collaboration and research. 

Programs sponsored by the NTLC's goals, mission and vision statements are closely aligned with the mission of the Nakatani Endowment Fund and the University's visioning statements and Enduring Goals.

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