Assistive Technology Services

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What is Assistive Technology?Man with prosthetic leg siting at an outdoor table with laptop and coffee

Any product or piece of equipment used to maintain or improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities is an assistive technology (AT) device. 

Price: $130.00 per hour 
Contact SVRI for an estimate about hours required and funding options. 

At SVRI, our technology specialist approaches assessments from an ergonomic perspective, meticulously identifying issues. Subsequently, they craft tailored recommendations to effectively tackle the identified problems. Following this, they implement comprehensive training to resolve existing issues and mitigate potential future challenges.

Assistive technology services can include evaluation, design, customization, modification, maintenance, repair, training, and technical assistance.

Assistive Technology Specialty Areas at SVRI:

Office and Industrial Ergonomics & Accessibility 
Ergonomic and alternative keyboards, mice and other cursor control devices, workstation layout, phone systems, office lighting, seating, and work methods are all considered when conducting an office ergonomics assessment. Industrial ergonomics assessments consider repetitive strain injuries, materials handling, workflow, efficiency and other factors. Services include one-on-one ergonomics consultation and company-wide recommendations.  Assessment, purchasing, installation and training on ergonomics and accommodations are services provided.

Computer Access
Comprehensive computer assessments and full implementation of recommended solutions are available to enable an individual with a disability to access state-of-the-art computer technology. The goal of the assessment and implementation services is to maximize performance and prevent the onset of a secondary injury or disability. Alternate input methods can include voice recognition, alternative keyboards, cursor control devices, and adaptive switches. Output options can include voice synthesis, customized monitor screens, and Braille.

Sensory (Hearing & Vision) Technology
Complete assessments and full implementation of the recommended assistive technology solutions for people who have a hearing or vision loss. SVRI can identify and recommend assistive technology that can be used in the workplace, in the classroom, and at home or in the community. Examples of technology covered include assistive listening devices, signaling devices, low vision equipment and computer software solutions.

Custom Fabrication
Although our AT services often recommend off-the-shelf assistive technology products, SVRI offers a full fabrication shop for custom products as needed. Optimizing the workstation or seating system for a consumer is often only possible when we go beyond what is available in the catalogs, and modify or design equipment specifically for the consumer.

Job Site Accommodations
Modifications to the work environment, workstation, position description, and/or work procedures can increase efficiency, reduce injuries, and allow a worker with a disability to meet the demands of a job. Certified Ergonomists and Certified Assistive Technology Practitioners recommend and implement worksite modifications and accommodations.

Home Modification
Assistance is available to identify and accommodate barriers faced in the home, at work, and in the community. Structural changes are recommended for the home or work environment. Environmental control systems, adaptive devices, and other accommodations are recommended to maximize the individual's ability to live and work independently.