Program data, assessment reports, and accrediting institutions
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Program Data (2022-23)

Average ACT Scores at admission to SOE (n=86)

  • ACT Math - 21.2
  • ACT English - 20.0
  • ACT Reading - 21.5
  • ACT Composite - 21.4

Average GPA of Program Completers

  • Undergraduate - 3.65
  • Graduate - 3.97

Job Placement Rates in Teacher Education

  • At or near 100% for all programs

SOE Candidates Licensed

  • 230 candidates were endorsed for licensure

Contact for program data from previous years

Wisconsin Educator Preparation Program Annual Reports at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) website:


The School of Education has an Assessment System that collects and analyzes data on applicant qualifications, candidate and graduate performance, and unit operations to evaluate and improve the performance of candidates, the unit, and its programs. The School of Education Assessment Coordinator, along with the support of the School of Education Assessment Committee, provides leadership for unit, program, and candidate assessments. Annual assessment reports are shared with School of Education, unit and individual program advisory committees, and University administration to ensure the School of Education is using data for improvement of programs and operations.

Assessment In the Major Reports

Title II

Title II is the section of public law which addresses teacher quality. Each higher education institution that has a teacher preparation program must complete a yearly report.

2022-23 Title II Report