Parking Lot Closures

This Page Will Contain The Latest Information On Any Current Or Planned Parking Lot Closure
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Campus Steam Distribution Project

Parking Facilities Closed / Altered:

  • UW-Lot 13 (West of Bowman Hall / South of The Administration Building)
  • North section of UW-Lot 14 (North of Sorensen Hall)
  • One row of parking stalls stretching the length of Sorensen Hall (West side of building)
  • UW-Lot 1 several reserved parking changes.  Look for new signage as you park.

Closed Sections

NOTE:  Be observant of all signage (all lots), as it may change, without notice, to accommodate as many people as possible.


  • May 10, 2021 - August 20, 2021  **DELAYED**
  • UPDATE:  Parts of the affected zone will open on Monday, August 30th

Alternate Parking Options:

Valid Commuter and Disabled Permit holders should park in an alternative commuter parking lot.  Suggested lots are as follows:

  • Disabled Parking - NW corner of Lot 1 or South end of Lot 14
  • Bowman and Harvey Halls - Lot 1 or Lot 10
  • Administration Building - Lot 30 or Lot 1
  • Sorensen - Lot 14 (South End) or Lot 27
  • Voc Rehab and CommTech - Lot 27

A-Zone Reserved parking is available in Lot 1 with four spots in the south end of Lot 14.  If the A-Zone spots are filled, standard commuter parking stalls can be utilized.  Your reserved spaces should be utilized first to maximize our parking needs.

Click here for a full campus map of all the parking lot locations