Waste Reduction

UW-Stout has worked to become a leader in waste reduction by offering many ways to reduce waste on campus.
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Reducing waste is an important part of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions as a campus.

At UW-Stout, we're committed to reducing, reusing, and recycling/composting to cut the amount of waste our campus sends to the landfill.

Waste Reduction at UW-Stout / UW-Stout
Waste Collection Station

Campus-Wide Recycling and Compost Collection

You can find waste collection stations in every building on campus. No Sort Recycling bins allow you to recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass jars, paper, and more.

Our Organics for Compost bins help to divert food waste, compostable to-go containers (available in all on-campus cafeterias, eateries, and convenience stores), napkins, and more. These items are composted into organic fertilizer to help build soil.

Green To Go Program

Green to Go

Our campus dining facilities offer the Green To Go program. Students and staff can purchase reusable to-go containers for a small, one-time fee and use these containers any time they visit of dining facility. Learn more about University Dining's many other waste reduction efforts.