Paying and Disbursement

Learn about how financial aid is disbursed, billing information, and payment schedule.
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Paying Your School Bills

Starting approximately one month before the beginning of the term, you will be sent an email through your UW-Stout email account informing you that you have a balance due.  All billing notices are sent via email to your UW-Stout email address. You can check your balance on the student center page in the Account Summary box in AccessStout. You can also make payment on your account from the Account Inquiry page. It is your responsibility to forward any billing information to all interested parties. For more information about billing, please visit Student Business Services.

Financial Aid Disbursement

Your financial aid award is usually divided into two equal payments, which are disbursed at the beginning of each semester. Your financial aid will be disbursed directly to UW-Stout, and will go towards paying your tuition, fees, housing and dining charges. Any remaining funds after these charges are paid will be returned to the student in the form of a refund.