Printmaking Studio

The printmaking studio is very flexible, but is particularly well equipped for printmaking processes such as lithography, intaglio, relief, and monotype printing.
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The printmaking concentration offers beginning to advanced courses in traditional and contemporary methods. The printmaking studio provides the space and specialty equipment to explore image-making in primarily two-dimensional formats. Studio Art majors with a Printmaking concentration spend much of their time creating in UW-Stout's printmaking studio. The printmaking studio provides students with dedicated studio space for individual study.

"We learn the process behind printmaking and the various techniques of litho and relief work, etching, and serigraphy," explained senior Isabel Case. “We focus on how color, shape, and pattern impact our surroundings and how our eyes absorb what we see.”

The studio has inks, paper, plates, and presses. Students purchase their hand-carving tools, and many continue to use these same tools well after graduation, using them to continue to create prints. The studio has ample preparation space for cutting paper and finishing prints, as well as a printmaking area where students focus on professional finishing and presentation, and a large critique area.

Regular critiques, readings, and discussions about contemporary practices help students develop their own, unique voice within their creative work. The studio is open outside of class hours when a faculty member or upperclassman is available for needed instruction. UW-Stout Print Club meets in the studio weekly.