Receive safety and security alerts on issues affecting the campus community.
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StoutAlert is the university's notification system regarding campus security and emergency incidents.

All students and employees are automatically registered to receive StoutAlerts.

Notifications are sent in various ways:

  • Text/mobile notifications from a five digit number
  • Email message from StoutAlert which may display a address
  • University social media outlets and webpages
  • Stout app

To review and update your StoutAlert settings:

  • Log in to StoutAlert
  • Enter your UW-Stout username and password
  • Verify that your online information is correct
  • Add up to two additional cell phone numbers and/or email addresses
  • Students and employees cannot opt out of email notifications

To request temporary enrollment in StoutAlert:

  • This request is primarily utilized by people who have an extended stay on campus and who are not already automatically enrolled in the system due their status as an enrolled student or current faculty/staff member.
  • To request enrollment please email with the following information:
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Cell phone number
    • Cell phone carrier
    • First day on campus
    • Last day on campus
    • Reason why you're requesting enrollment

Expand the two main alert types, below, to learn more about them:

Campus Security Alerts

Often referred to as "Crime Notices" or "Timely Warnings", Campus Security Alerts are meant to inform the campus community of a specific, or potential, safety or security concern.

Crime notice information empowers campus community members from becoming future targets by providing incident details, preventative measures, or additional resources that promotes safety.

Please note crime notices are referencing events that have already occurred are not necessarily “late.” In order for the notification to be effective, it needs to be accurate. This may require additional time to verify facts or incident details before informing the campus.

You may or may not receive any update messages on the status of these incidents.

Emergency Notifications

This notification is disseminated when an immediate threat to campus has been identified and validated.

The emergency notification will provide you with basic incident information and instructions to help keep you safe. You may be asked to “shelter in place” or “evacuate [to a specific area]” or “stay away [from a specific area]”.

Emergency notifications will always provide a final message that lets you know when an incident has been resolved (this would be in addition to any emergency updates or instructions that may have been sent during the incident).