First-Year Freshmen

First-Year Registration and Orientation
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Welcome to UW-Stout - we are so excited to have you as a new student!

We're happy you will be joining us at UW-Stout! Your next step is to attend First-Year Registration and Orientation (FYRO). 

If you’re nervous or don’t feel ready to attend college, you’re not alone. It’s common to feel that way. Starting college is a scary thing – new things are always a little scary - but I hope that your excitement outweighs your nerves. YOU GOT THIS! 

We also have your back. The UW-Stout community is here to help support you in being successful.  We have academic advisors, tutoring centers and various student support offices across campus here to assist you with wherever you’re at socially, emotionally, or academically. UW-Stout is an amazing place – you will love it here. 

We have a few options for you to complete your First-Year Registration and Orientation either in person on campus or virtually. Dates and more information can be found below.

​​​​​​Prior to attending your FYRO date, you MUST complete the UW-System Placement Tests. This is important to place you in the correct English and Math courses.

Placement Test Instructions

All new first-year students are required to complete the UW-System placement tests prior to course registration. We ask that you complete your exams at least one week prior to your scheduled FYRO date. 

Online English and Math Placement Tests

For your convenience, the University of Wisconsin Testing Services have developed online placement tests. To complete the placement tests, follow these steps:

  1. Verify which tests you are advised to take. UW-Stout requires both the English and Math placement tests unless you have completed college credits. If you expect to have college credit in English and/or Math you may not be required to take one or both placement tests. Students currently taking AP or college courses in Math and English should still take the placement tests. If you are unsure if you have college level credits or if you have further questions regarding placement testing, please email us at

  2. If you plan on taking a World language you will need to take the Spanish, German, and/or French placement test(s). Please note, UW-Stout does not have a World language requirement to graduate.

  3. You will need your campus login to access the registration form. Your UW-Stout username is everything before the @ sign in your UW-Stout email address.

  4. Visit the UW System placement testing website when you are ready to sign up for the online placement tests. 

Selecting your FYRO date:

An email will be sent to your UW-Stout email account on or after June 17th with the following information for selecting your date:

Prior to selecting your date: check your personal calendar for any commitments that will impact your ability to attend the full day.

There are two options for FYRO:

On campus (Recommended): July 8 or August 5

Virtual: June 28, June 30, July 27, July 29, August 3

About On Campus FYRO

On Campus Registration and Orientation: 

On campus is our recommended experience. When you come to campus you will meet other students, engage in conversations with our campus resources and get familiar with the landscape.

Attendance for this experience is REQUIRED from 7:45 am - 4:00 pm. Students are allowed to bring guests. Guests and students will be separated for the entirety of the day - please plan accordingly. 

Dates: July 8th or August 5th.

Once a date fills, the option for that date will no longer be available on the registration form.

Your FYRO Experience

Your FYRO day will be comprised of two parts, Advising and Registration and Orientation. 

Step 1: Advising and Registration: During this time you will meet with your first-year advisor, pick up your UW-Stout laptop and enroll in your first semester courses. 

Step 2: Orientation: After you have enrolled in courses, you are officially a UW-Stout student! We want to welcome you to campus and give you some information right away that will be helpful as you prepare to join us this fall. You will meet your peers, meet current UW-Stout students, tour campus, learn about paying for college, getting involved with student organizations, and campus life at UW-Stout. 


Guests are invited to attend On-campus FYRO with their student. We will have separate programming and presentations for our guests which are meant to help guests in getting to know our campus. Presentations will be provided by the Dean of Students, Financial Aid, Student Business Services, Dining, Housing, Campus Involvement, Health, Safety, and more. 

About Virtual FYRO

Virtual Registration and Orientation:

This is a half-day synchronous orientation program. Participation is required for all meetings.

You will be assigned either morning or afternoon based upon your advisor's availability.

Morning: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm
Afternoon: 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Dates: June 28, June 30, July 27, July 29, August 3

Once a date fills, the option for that date will no longer be available on the registration form.

Your advisor will reach out via your UW-Stout email to schedule your sessions, either morning or afternoon, after you select your date.

campus Resources

Resource Fair

The following UW-Stout departments and services will be at the Resource Fair during on campus orientation. If you attend virtually, and have questions, please reach out to the offices using the contact information below.

Student Involvement and Campus Life

Advisement Center/Orientation

11 Bowman Hall

(715) 232-1465


203 Sports and Fitness Center

(715) 232-2224

Involvement Center

106 Memorial Student Center

(715) 232-1772

Performing Arts

316F Applied Arts

(715) 232-2308

University Recreation

41 Sports & Fitness Center

(715) 232-1392

The Qube

121 Price Commons

(715) 232-5471

The Ministry

710 2nd Street East

(715) 235-4258

Campus Police and Parking (No Booth)

110 University Services

(715) 232-2222

University Dining

160 Merle Price Commons

(715) 232-2134

Campus Card

110 Price Commons

(715) 232-3686

University Housing

170 Price Commons

(715) 232-1121

Prevea: Student Health Services

103 1st Avenue West

(715) 232-1314

Counseling Services

410 Bowman Hall

(715) 232-2468

Sustainability Office

40 Harvey Hall


118 Communication Technology Building

(715) 232-5629

Veterans Resources

109 Bowman Hall

(715) 232-1659

Student Success Resources

Technology Help Desk

105 Sorenson Hall

(715) 232-5000

Career Services

103 Administration Building

(715) 232-1601

Student Business Services

125M Administration Building

(715) 232-1656

Financial Aid

210 Bowman Hall

(715) 232-1363

Fostering Success & TRIO SSS

310 Bowman Hall

(715) 232-5180

Multicultural Student Services

217 Bowman Hall

132 Price Commons

(715) 232-1381

Disability Services

University Library Room 120

(715) 232-2995

Academic Resources

College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Management

102 Jarvis Hall-Science Wing

(715) 232-4053

College of Arts and Human Sciences

214 Heritage Hall


(715) 232-2687

School of Art and Design

Applied Arts 235A

(715) 232-1287

Honors College

430 Robert S. Swanson Learning Center


Study Abroad

70 Harvey Hall

(715) 232-2132

University Library

Robert S. Swanson Library and Learning Center

(715) 232-1215

Instructional Resources

University Library Room 321


Office of research and Sponsored Programs

Robert S. Swanson Learning Center, #107/#108


After FYRO

Your orientation experience continues after your on-campus orientation experience! In early July you will be added to an Orientation online Canvas course which will provide more information about student resources and student success.

Orientation will culminate with Week One Orientation (WOO), our first week welcome program. Week One is about you connecting to campus and immersing yourself in our campus community. You will attend orientation sessions with other first-year students, learn about campus policies, procedures, and expectations, all while enjoying social activities and getting to know your new home at UW-Stout.

Week One kicks off on Sunday, September 4th, students are asked to be back on campus by 3:00 pm to join their orientation groups.

Software Tools

Download these apps on your phone. These tools will help you to be successful while here at UW-Stout. Once you are enrolled in classes, you will gain access to these tools using your UW-Stout credentials.

  • Canvas Student: Canvas is our online classroom (similar to Blackboard or Google Classroom which you may have used in high school).
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams is a Microsoft tool for meetings similar to Zoom. We will be using Teams for other orientation functions after your in-person FYRO date. You will also likely use Microsoft Teams once you are on-campus at UW-Stout this fall. 
  • Navigate: Navigate is your student success tool which you will use to schedule appointments with your advisor, view to-do items and more!  
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (2-step/Duo): Security is a top priority at UW-Stout and all students are required to use Multi-Factor Authentication. Multi-Factor Authentication, also known as 2-Step Authentication enhances the security of your account by using a secondary device to verify your identity when logging into many of our UW-Stout accounts. This prevents anyone but you from accessing your account, even if they know your password.  

Meet Your Advisor

Learn who you will be working with during your first-year

University Housing

Learn more about living on campus.

Financial Aid

Learn more about paying for college.


Learn about various dining plans available.