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Online Professional Development FAQ
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Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the Online Professional Development courses, tuition, and enrollment. 

Registration, Tuition and Refund Policy

Receipt, Billing, and Refund Information

Registration Confirmation Process



University Student Email Accounts

Online Participation Expectations

Final Grades and Transcripts

Textbooks and Access to the Library

Computer and Software Requirements

Contact Information

Registration, Tuition and Refund Policy

How do I register for a course online?

OPTION A: Complete the secure online registration request formProofread your email address information carefully on the registration form. 

OPTION B: If you are a returning student and took a class during the past year, then you may register via Access Stout.

Follow these steps in the registration process.

If you are beginning a Master's Degree or Education Specialist Degree program at University of Wisconsin-Stout, complete the graduate school application process.

How much is tuition for University of Wisconsin-Stout Online Professional Development courses?

2023-2024 Tuition: $476 per semester hour graduate credit. $952 for a two-credit course, $1,428 for a three-credit course

Tuition is the same fee for Wisconsin, out-of-state, and international participants.

There are no additional registration, application or technology fees.

Tuition Due Date

Check your Student Center Page via Access Stout after the registrar confirms your registration. No bills are sent via email or postal mail.

Payment must be received on or before the due date to avoid a late payment charge of $75.00. No billing reminders will be sent.

Payment Options: e-check, check, money order, employer purchase order, or credit card.

Is this online course available to international participants as well as students living in the United States?

University of Wisconsin- Stout online courses are available to students worldwide who are able to access the an internet connection.

What are the refund and drop/cancellation policies?

Tuition Due for Course Withdrawals
Failure to withdraw from a class in the permitted time frame will result in billing for the full amount of the course tuition. Tuition is calculated based on the date of the email request sent to the registrar’s office.
Refund Schedule

Withdrawal Fee if the Course Has Started
If a student withdraws from the university during the first two weeks of the course, an administrative fee (withdrawal fee) is assessed. The fees are $50.00 for a first-week withdrawal and $100 for any withdrawal during the second week.
Withdrawal and Drop Fees

If, after submitting the registration request form, you find that you need to drop the class before the first day of class, send a cancellation request by email to (Telephone cancellations cannot be accepted).


Receipt, Billing, and Refund Information

When and how will I receive my university bill?

No bills are sent via postal mail or email. Billing information is available for you to view electronically on your Student Center web page via Access Stout.

Log in with you university user name and password, click on the Self Service link in the menu on the left, and then click on the Student Center link.

Payment options: e-check, check, money order, employer purchase order, or credit card.

If you have questions, contact:
Student Business Services
Phone: 715-232-1656
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST

Send payments to:
UW-Stout Student Business Services
712 S Broadway Street
Menomonie, WI 54751
Include your university student ID number with your payment.

Is the tuition for an online professional development course the same fee for in-state, out-of-state, and international participants?

Yes, tuition is the same fee for in-state, out-of-state, and international participants in the online professional development courses. Tuition for students enrolled in a Masters degree program will be billed at the degree program credit hour rate.

How do I request a receipt to submit to my employer for tuition reimbursement?

If you need a receipt for tuition reimbursement, contact:
Student Business Services.
Phone: 715-232-1656
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Registration Confirmation Process

I submitted my online registration request form. Now, what do I do?

If you are not a current University of Wisconsin-Stout student, Registration and Records will email your user name and student ID number within 2-3 business days (Monday-Friday) after you submit the online registration request form. The email will be sent to the email address listed on your registration request form.

I've submitted my online registration. Is there a way to check to see if the university has received it?

You should receive an email from the registrar's office confirming your registration within 2-3 business days. If you are concerned that your online registration  request was lost in the junk mail, feel free to email or call (715) 232-2121.

Will these course credits apply to my degree program?

Contact your degree/program adviser to determine whether the course you want to take will match with the overall plan for the degree program as an elective or required course.

When do the courses begin and end?

Registrations are accepted year round for online courses. Courses begin and end on specific dates during the spring, summer, and fall terms. Check the start dates listed in the online catalog. If the course has already been in progress two days, then you will be asked to wait until the next session begins.

When will the instructor contact me?
A few days before your course begins your instructor will contact you via email with information about how to begin the course assignments. Check your university email account to read the class welcome information.


More information at Educational Accreditations


How do I get a UW-Stout password or reset a password?

Go to and choose "activate new account". 

Who do I contact if I'm unable to reset my password?

The Helpdesk can assist with creating and recovering your password. 
Telephone: 715-232-5000

Do I need a separate password to log in to my email, Canvas, and view my bill or grades on AccessStout?

No, you will use the same password to access your UW-Stout email, Canvas and AccessStout

University Student Email Accounts

Do I need to use a university email account instead of my home or school email account?

Yes, when the course begins, you will be expected to use your University of Wisconsin-Stout email account for all correspondence with your instructor. The Canvas courseware will only list your university email address for communication with the instructor, class peers, as well as the business and registrar's office.

To login and check your university email go to the university homepage and click on Logins (in the top toolbar), and select E-mail.

Your instructor will email class information to your UW-Stout university email address; be sure to check your university email prior to the first week of class and login to read the orientation information.

Online Participation Expectations

How long does it take to complete a course?

Each course has a specific start and ending date. These are not self-paced independent study courses. Highly interactive web-based discussion boards are utilized for instructor/student dialogue and class discussion with weekly due dates for assignments.

While online education is flexible, there are weekly assignment deadlines and each module has a discussion time period. Additionally, your peer learners will depend on you for timely feedback as you interact via email, the discussion board or during team and small work groups to complete assigned tasks. Therefore, students need to log in and participate on the discussion board several times each week.

Each instructor provides rubrics which clearly define expectations for discussion postings and assignments. The course calendar lists assignment and discussion posting due dates.

The vast majority of our students have no difficulty completing a class within the scheduled course timeline. 
University Incomplete Policy

Check the course description to find the start and ending dates.

What if I will be away from my computer for a few days?

If a participant will be out of town at a conference or on vacation for a few days, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor, preferably in advance of the class start date to discuss how you will complete assignments prior to your time away from class.

If you are planning extended travel without access to a computer during the course, it's best to delay taking the class until the next session begins.

How will we conduct class discussions online?

You will check your course discussion board via a password protected website to participate in class discussions. The class discussion board and course dropbox will be utilized for submitting assignments. During the first week of class there will be orientation "practice" activities to help you become familiar with the different tools.

These are not self-paced courses. However, you will set your own hours and determine when you participate in the class discussion and when you work on assignments. The discussion board is available and active seven days a week, 24 hours a day. No matter where you are, you can participate at a time that is convenient for you. Your instructor will be online several times a day. 

Student Responsibilities

How often should I check the discussion board and my e-mail?

Check your e-mail and the course discussion board 3-5 days each week to keep up with discussions, questions, and assignments.

You will receive a calendar listing due dates for assignments at the beginning of the course. If you are unable to meet an assignment deadline, review the instructor's late policy, and e-mail the instructor to discuss other options to meet your personal work schedule or family commitments.

Do I have to be online at the same time as everyone else? Is there a time each week that I have to be online with the whole class?

No, there are no required "live" conferences. Online sessions for real-time conferences with the instructor are optional and are archived for independent viewing or listening the next day.

Can I take more than one online course at a time?

Yes. Some students enroll in two online courses during a semester.

Final Grades and Transcripts

How do I access my final grade report?

Print an "Unofficial Transcript" after the instructor posts final grades

Many students submit the free grade report when documentation is required for tuition reimbursement or for a professional development portfolio.

Grades are available online through the UW-Stout portal called Access Stout.

After you log in, click on "Self Service" in the left-hand menu, then “Student Center”. Then click on the "Academics." tab. Select desired term (i.e., Summer 2021) and click on it.

The screen will list your currently enrolled class(es) for the semester and grade(s).

If you would like to print a copy for your records, click the printer icon at the top of your browser web page.

How do I request a transcript reflecting my coursework?

You may order an official transcript online and pay via credit card.

If you have additional questions, email the Registration and Records office at or call (715) 232-2121.

Textbooks and Access to the Library

How do I find the online class materials?

Your instructor will email information about how to log in to your course website a few days before the course begins

Is a textbook required?

Check each course description for information about required textbooks or etextbook and required software.

As a distance learning student, will I have access to the university library?

Yes, University of Wisconsin-Stout Distance Learning Library Service is outstanding, and as an off-campus student you will have electronic access to many research databases and scholarly resources. UW-Stout Library has an exceptional Ask-A-Librarian service for distance learning students.

Computer and Software Requirements

Do I need special software to take this class?

Review the list of compatible browsers and software programs for Canvas. Check the syllabus to determine what specific software is recommended for course projects. Recommended orientation activities

How do I know if my computer is powerful enough to take an online course? What are the minimum technology requirements?

Review the computer system information at the Canvas Help Desk. If you have any questions, call or email the Technology Help Desk.


Contact Information

Who do I contact if I have questions about a specific online course?

Request more information online

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