Materials & Process Lab

School of Art & Design students have access to a wide variety of woodworking and metalwork tools and related equipment.
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Welcome to the School of Art and Design's Material and Process Lab / UW-Stout

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UW-Stout's School of Art and Design's Material and Process Lab is utilized by eight undergraduate and graduate programs across two different colleges. After completing a series of safety training, students have full access to the woodworking and metalworking machinery. There is also vacuum-forming for heating and molding plastic.

The lab's tool crib, where students can check out the tools they need, stores a variety of hand and power tools. Imagine going into a hardware store and being able to check out what they carry.

Students add color and style to their models in the lab's spray booth. Items and models crafted here range from 3D design lamps and furniture to jewelry and sculpture. The lab is available 78 hours a week, both in and outside of class periods with an average of 25,000 student visits each year.